What is Superbook?

Superbook brings the Bible to kids in a way that’s easy to understand, with so much fun, they’ll watch again and again! Children of all ages love CBN’s new Superbook, an Emmy-nominated, state-of-the-art animation series. And when you join The Superbook DVD Club, the fun and excitement keep coming all year long!

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What will it cost?

Every Month we will charge your debit / credit card for £15/€20 and we will ship out 3 copies of the latest episode to you by post. Alternatively, you can order Superbook DVD’s without joining the DVD Club (click “Online Shop” on the right hand side).

How funds are used

Your support helps us produce and translate future Superbook stories and enables us to teach children all around the world about the Bible and Jesus. Your support also enables us develop church and school curriculums to help children better understand God and the Bible.

How to Join

To become a member simply:

  • Click “Join” below
  • Follow the simple onscreen instructions
  • Enjoy your Superbook DVDs!